Daniel Bernal

I love to smile!

I love to make people happy!

I believe Life is supposed to be fun!


I grew up in Colombia, a country of happy people. Music and fun have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. No matter where I am, or who I’m with I will find a reason to smile and create happiness around me.


I moved from my home town of Mediellin, Colombia to New York in 1981. I missed the colorful, loud, and  fun-filled “chivas” that rode from town to town carrying people, gossip, chickens and livestock. I thought it would be fun to have my own “Chicken Bus” for my family and friends.

In 1993 I purchased a used mini school bus and gave it a new life. I had so much fun painting and decorating my “Chicken Bus” and wherever I drove, I saw smiles as I passed by. Burlap coffees bags, chickens, pigs, music, dancing, and happy people filled my “Chicken Bus”.

I created my fun-filled bus because I wanted to take family to Giants Stadium for the World Cup Soccer games in 1993 when Colombia played against Greece. I had crowds of onlookers admiring the bus. It brought back happy memories from my fellow countrymen who remembered the “chivas” that were a part of their homeland. Many asked if my bus was for hire and from that day forward, the Daniel’s Chicken Bus became my dream.

Happiness on wheels is what Daniel’s Chicken Bus is all about.

"Picture of La Rumba Express in Times Square"

Daniel’s Chicken Bus 2012



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Daniel’s Chicken Bus is licensed, insured, and meets all NYS DOT and Federal MC regulations. DBA Rumba Express

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